A Peaceful Place

This is a commission painted from a photo. I could just imagine the quiet waters and the faint babbling that can be heard as it flows in from the narrow stream. Oil on canvas. 40x34.

With each landscape I paint I strive for areas of unimportance because in their own right they are beautiful also. The contrast of bold bright color keeps things exciting. I love the loose painterly strokes and the thick built up areas of paint.

 The mixture of blue and pink make this painting a little jewel with the softness and some hard edges that really make things pop!

These are both 6x6 on stretched canvas. I really enjoyed painting these and ended up with a little series of sorts.

The telephone lines in this one gave it the needed touch to make it sing.

What is it about clothes on a line just blowing in the gentle breeze?

The Other Tree oil on 6x6 canvas. This has a very loose quality and has a wonderful play of color. This painting is Sold.

20x20x1.5 oil on canvas panel.