I dip my brush into paint and something wonderful just happens. I sit there painting and realize that I am smiling for no apparent reason. Before long I am on a journey that leads me to a happy place.

I find myself painting still life frequently. I don't think they are my favorite subject but maybe I just don't realize that they are because like an old friend I always come back to them. I am intrigued by the sharp tightness of painting cherries while at the same time relishing the reckless abandon of painting loose soft flowers.  

Animals...Where do I start. I feel so calm and relaxed as I paint them. Kinda like the feeling as you hold that warm cup of coffee in your hand and sink down into a soft chair in your pajamas and just linger there letting the warmth envelope all your senses. Some have told me that my animals have sad eyes but I like to think that they have loving eyes that just say take me home.